The plight of Palestinian children from occupation

The Islamic Consultative Assembly in an attempt has named the October 1st day as a day of solidarity with Palestinian children to concern the threat posed the Zionist occupation to the Palestinian children.


Group of Analysis and Interpretation of Qods News Agency (Qodsna): Any nation that is under occupation, the society suffers from pressure and torture, especially women and children suffer more than any other part of the society. Palestine has been long occupied by both the English and Zionists for a century. The Palestinian children have been born under occupation and from the outset the occupiers have been looking at them as they have to be eliminated. Because the Zionists, considering that their occupying nature will never be accepted by the Palestinian community, will consider Palestinian children as a future Palestinian militant and intend to eliminate the future militia for its survival. Accordingly, supporting Palestinian nation who are subjected to racial discrimination by Zionists from the very beginning of their life, is a worldwide duty. The best declaration of solidarity with Palestinian children is to announce opposition to the Zionist regime in all dimensions. From this point of view, the Quds Day is a universal recall to announce opposition to the occupation of Palestine and support for the Palestinian people, including all society segments, in a particular day. To announce solidarity with Palestinian children a global sense of sympathy with Palestinian children is needed.


After the occupation of Palestine by Zionists, an organization at the United Nations named as UNRWA was established to handle Palestinian refugee affairs, especially in health and education. Of course, the assistance was always negligible and in contrast to the amount of oppression that the Palestinians have suffered. Some countries have also provided assistance to Palestinian refugees. However, some experts believe that the main purpose of creating an overnight aid facility is to buy time for the Zionists and to overstretch and remove the right of Palestinians returning to their homes. Palestinian children are also within the framework of these relief efforts. Unfortunately, recently the US government, as the largest and most prominent supporter of the Zionist regime, has cut off its aid to UNRWA and also threatened other countries to cut off their aid to Palestine. The move could dramatically change the living conditions of the Palestinians; the Palestinian children are more likely to suffer a lot more.


The Zionist policy on the Palestinians has been a repressive policy. Zionists are trying to eliminate the Palestinian geography of Palestinians. On this basis, both in the field of legislation and in the field of administration, the conditions of the Palestinians have become more difficult each day. Accordingly, almost every Palestinian has been arrested at least once during his lifetime and has experienced or will be captured with torture. The detention may take place at a time when there are about a thousand Palestinian children in Zionist detention centers. Even the ratification of the Law State in the Zionist parliament, it has actually escalated the harsh conditions for Palestinians to legalize their ancestral lands.


As stated, the Zionist regime considers Palestinian children as a potentially resistant force, and accordingly its actual removal is on the agenda of this regime. The Martyrdom of Mohammed Abu Khudhir, a Palestinian infant in the city of Qods who was killed by filling and burning gas in his mouth and another case was burning a family house during their sleep, which was led to the martyrdom of an infant Muhammad Dawabshah's father and mother. It has to be said that no Palestinian child is safe in Palestine.


On October 1, 2000 Zionist troops shot 45-minute on a father and son hiding behind a barrel while filming on television networks, the soldiers killed the little boy and injured his father. The Islamic Consultative Assembly has called this Day a Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Children and Adolescents, in an attempt to cite the threat posed to Palestinian children by the Zionist occupation army.

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