Islamic Unity & al-Quds freedom most important issues of the Islamic World

A session titled as 11th Islamic Awakening Supreme Council was convened today in Tehran with the presence of Dr. Velayati aid to supreme leader and some international prominent figures.


According to Qods News Agency (Qodsna) the Aid to the Supreme Leader Dr.Velayati while  referring to the issue of Palestine as the main issue of the Islamic world, emphasized: "Palestine, the liberation of al-Quds and the struggle against the Zionist regime are the main and first issue of the Islamic world. Conspiracy plots of global arrogance, international Zionism and traitor Arab regimes are considered as plots to erase Palestinian cause off the red line and to compensate their frustration and their failures.


According to the International Department of the Qods News Agency (Qodsna), Dr. Velayati, Aid to supreme leader today Monday 26th Nov 2018 attended a session among other scholars and thinkers of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Awakening, according to the report Dr. Velayati pointed to the unity of Muslims as the most important strategic issue of the Islamic world, he also pointed out that the global arrogance led by the United States, are measuring plots and strategies for a great Middle East, proxy wars and aiming to divide and disintegrate Islamic countries based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, and disputes. Their sinister goal is to establish their illegitimate dominance over the Islamic world and plundering the material interests and wealth of Muslims.


He further emphasized that the enemies are trying to boost their market economy with Muslims finance, he added: "They want to boost and expand the arms industry, and to sell billions of dollars in weapons and military equipment, by waging wars among Muslim brotherhoods and by recruiting Takfiri Terrorists they intend to continue the bloodshed of Muslims in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Dr. Velayati added: "These policies, with the aim of securing Israel, are accompanied by discriminatory and violent clashes with the levying of the oppressed nations of Yemen Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc., in which thousands of innocent people were slaughtered. But despite all efforts, the United States is in a very difficult situation and all its plans, strategies and policies have been unsuccessful since the beginning of the 21 century, they suffered a serious defeat and their supremacy of power has collapsed.

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