Iran & Syria consistent allies

 Mohammad Sajedi said: Syrian president Bashar Assad’s meeting with the Supreme Leader Seyed Ali Khameneyi well proves that Syria’s alliance with Islamic republic of Iran is consistent.


Mohammad Sajedi, a senior international affairs expert in an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency (Qodsna) correspondent, discussed the outcomes and aims of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's short visit to Tehran and said that currently this trip can be analyzed from 3 perspectives.


First perspective is political and security dimensions, second is economic dimensions and the third perspective can be analyzed as regional dimension.


 Since the beginning of 2011, when the ISIS terrorism crisis emerged in the region, United States, Europe and their regional allies unanimously announced that Assad should go, at that time Iran was the only country that officially announced Bashar al-Assad should remain in power.


This issue clearly illustrates the regional influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the global arena, after such a strong positioning even the Turks decided to change their strategy and they suddenly decided to support the resistance movement.


The international relations expert said: “Such unpredictable developments in the region awared spectators that Iran’s regional influence determines the future of the region. Russians and Turks decided to join Iran, therefore, al-Assad’s current visit to Iran has a meaningful message to the West World.”


He continued: “Syrian war is about to end with more than $1,000 billion of detriments left behind. The question is: which countries should contribute to the reconstruction of Syria and benefits from the reconstruction of Syria? The answer is clear. Undoubtedly, the supporters of the Syrian government and people, the presence of Bashar al-Assad in Tehran undoubtedly reflects the fact that they will not forget their allies.”


Sajadi said: “How al-Assad entered negotiations with the Supreme Leader represents the fact that Syria will always remain a consistent ally to Iran.”


The senior international affairs expert said: “The Syrian civil war lasting almost 8 years is about to end, the regional puppets failed to reach for their targets as their boss (the US) is about to leave Syria, Irak and Afghanistan, this means that the American policies for the region have failed, that is supposed to mean that the Israeli and Saudi regional policies failed too.


He contributed: "The current circumstances and events in terms of regional developments indicate that the regional crisis can only be solved by Iran's direct and active participation.

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