Quds is the true measure of the right and the wrong way

As Reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna) Tharad Hamadah, former Lebanese minister of labor and Lebanese poet and poet Badie al-Sahur, member of the Arab Writings Alliance, and Saber Abu Maryam, secretary-general of the Palestine Foundation of Pakistan, are members of the Palestine Universal Planning Council.

The Palestinian Universal Prize was recently unveiled at the Tehran International Book Fair.

Undoubtedly, the role of literature in the development of resistance discourse, as well as the impact of the process of resistance development in the formation of new literature, as well as a new generation of poets and literature is not at all anybody.

To the extent that resistance in the field of literature and poetry also played a significant role, a new mission was created for the companions of this field.

A mission that should be addressed according to the demands of the new generation of resistance in literature . Literary circles well understood the point that they should be present in the Arab and Islamic public opinion and not attend the field. The Quds news agency has a conversation about Quds Day, which reads below:

"The issue of Palestine is a must and must be taken into account in all events in the region," said Tharad Hamada, a poet and former minister of labor in Lebanon.

He continued that the Quds is a fundamental measure of the recognition of the right and wrong.

We must see who is in this camp.


The currents and countries that are in the defense camp of the Quds are undoubtedly in the right direction and should not be distanced from it.

Getting away from the Qods and its importance is the beginning to get away from the Trend. He continued that Imam Khomeini (RA), with this knowledge, mapped the road of the Islamic Ummah.


Understanding what it takes to do this.

It was a day for some people at that time.


It was in the sense that the Arabs and Palestinians felt as a complete disappointment.


Thrada Hamadah said that this day was Quds, when the resistance in Lebanon was alive and revived.

This is the Islamic occasion of Palestinian security and strategic.

Pakistani Palestinian Foundation Secretary General Saber Abu Maryam: Jerusalem is an Islamic priority and beyond the political, geographical and national boundaries.


Saber Abu Maryam, the secretary general of the Palestine Foundation of Pakistan, said that Jerusalem was considered a major priority of the Islamic world and should be considered beyond the political, geographical and national boundaries. "Today, there are currents trying to make a Qods a Arabic issue or lower than that


"It is obvious that the holding of such Islamic events, especially the International Day of Quds, has been able to act as a deterrent to the plots of the West and the United States. So you see that the Americans are in a hurry to carry out the century deal. On the one hand, it is attempted to turn Tehran out of the political and artistic field of Palestine as the pioneer and owner of the initiative, and the same is the interpretation of the economic and political pressures on the Islamic Republic, which has increased in these days.


Badi-e-Saghor: The New Generation of Literature Affected by Jerusalem

A member of the Association of Arab Writers, Badia al-Saqor, referring to the formation of a new generation of literature and poetry in the light of Islamic resistance in the region, said that new literature has been formed that is affected by the Quds and the subject of resistance.

He continued: "Throughout the world, poetry and literature change on the basis of the political developments and events, changing its orientation on that basis, and this is the same thing about resistance, but also more." New poets and writers were created in the Muslim and Arab world, whose works were based on the priority of Palestinian resistance. In the meantime, we have just learned that we must resist the arena of poetry and literature.


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