Imam Khomeini’s
Resistance Doctrine


By: Mahdi Azizi


Today, 40 years have passed since the Islamic revolution conquest in Iran and also 30 years have passed since the passing of the late Imam Khomeini who was the founder of the Islamic revolution. The Islamic revolution terms did not meet borders and boundaries and soon the ideology went beyond the boundaries of Iran. Based on this anti-Iran plans and conspiracies were raised to maximum to avoid Iran’s influence in the region.


Imam Khomeini’s doctrine was based on resistance movement and it was not limited to domestic issues, but his regards towards al-Quds is what Imam Khomeini was best known for in global-regional resistance doctrine. Imam Khomeini regarded Al-Quds issue as his main doctrine even before the Islamic revolution takes place in Iran.


It was believed that the al-Quds is the major thing in common to unite all Muslims against a conspiracy which was trying to change the Islamic thought behind al-Quds into an Arabian issue and limit it to Arabian political matters. All the struggles to free al-Quds from occupation was limited to Arabian racism which failed with misery and frustration. A six day war not only failed to free al-Quds but also gave Israel more confidence to continue to occupy more lands and this is the time when Compromise was redefined by western definitions and later called Peace.


The peace plan compromised many battalion groups, one of the foremost was the PLA movements which ended up fighting and took steps to sign treaties of peace.


The output of this act was not anything more than that the group had to discuss peace plans with the enemy in order to avoid them from constructing settlements in Palestinian territories which was against the agreements.


The result of 6 decades of so called peace discussions was more pressures and misery of Palestinian people. Other Palestinian groups never had a common Islamic principle and had to watch the peace policy discuss and fail, international communities were also silent.


Other groups in the region such as the Muslim Brotherhood were not successful as well, because they were not following an Islamic principle to unite all Muslims and they were just an addition to collection of Arabian failures in struggle against Israeli occupation.


Other secular Islamic nations were also added to this collection of failure against Israel, they took Taliban and ISIS as the foremost Islamic Jihad and came to a conclusion that armed struggle is not going to free the occupied Palestine. A new Islamic sect was born out of this which was later named as American Islam.


From the other side after the Islamic revolution conquest in Iran, the armed physical struggle against Israel not only was a successful to retaliate the enemy but the resistance is a growing movement that it is getting even stronger on daily basis.


Resistance as the doctrine by Imam Khomeini was successful, based on many factors such as: a fine perspective from regions role players, perfect Islamic perspectives, well informed about the enemy, activating Islamic world’s potentials and as well as staying away from compromise thoughts.


The result was that the stones in the hands of Palestinians were modified to rockets and missiles, it reshaped the Israeli deterrence power to Palestinian deterrence power and even brought a resistance hegemony to the region and its people.


Today resistance is in its foremost strength that is not only able to deter attacks from the enemy, but the resistance now is able to make collateral damage, resistance also made the Zionist side to be well aware of consequences of a the smallest step they want to implement to remove the Palestinian identity of the lands, a deterrence power that in most cases refuses the enemy from taking the action.

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