The 12th Meeting of the High Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly

It is now incumbent of the vigilant and Muslim people of Iraq to exercise vigilance and, following the Jurisprudence in Iraq, triumph over these turbulent times of havoc, too - just like their battle with Daesh (ISIL)

In His Name, the Exalted



“All praise is due to Allah the Almighty, and blessing and salutation be to our Sayyidna, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, and to his pure Household and to his selected companions”


Having sought divine assistance, and coincident with the felicitous occasion of the month of Rabi-Alawal and the glorious birth anniversary of the Saviour of the humanity, the Ultimate Prophet, Hazrat-e Muhammad Mustafa, so named as the Unity Week, the 12th Meeting of the High Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly convened in Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran, on Saturday, 25 Aban 1398 (16 November 2019; 18 Rabi-alAwal 1441 H), with the participation of more than 60 prominent Ulamas, scholars, thinkers, and elites of the Muslim world.


Expressing their satisfaction with the successes of the Regional Resistance Front in the face of the circumstances and the serious perils of before the Muslim World, the thinkers and scholars present in the meeting stressed the following:


Unity among Muslims in the world of Islam is of import and strategic priority. The enemies of Islam, and above all the U.S. and the Zionist regime, spare no efforts in exerting their dominance over the lives, properties, and honour of Muslims, securing sustainable stability for the illegitimate Israeli regime and stealing their material and spiritual wealth, exhausting their potentials and resources. By so doing, they engage the Muslim World in affairs that are of no priority in the Muslim World, thus planting the seed of schism, conspiracy, and division within the Islamic Ummah to turn a state of ‘the believers are in fact brothers’ into religious, racial, and ethnic differences which will secure the accomplishment of their objectives. The participants in the 12th Meeting of the High Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly recognized that ‘the unity of the Muslim world’ and promotion of a spirit of fraternity are the only option which will ensure the victory of the Muslims and failure of the vicious plots, conspiracies and schemes by the World Arrogance and International Zionism. The participants, therefore, stress to all Muslims of the world recourse to Quran and advise practicing the Sunnah (tradition) of the Glorious Prophet of Islam as the best available option.


As underscored in different occasions, the most pertinent and first issue of the Muslim world is the issue of Palestine. Unfortunately, as things stand, the imperialist  U.S., in coordination with and under the pressure of international Zionism, abetted by certain Sheikhs of the Arab world, are pursuing their treacherous plan of ‘the Deal of the Century”. The assassination of Jihadist commanders, the Americans’ recognition of the transfer of the capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as well as agreeing to the annexation of the Golan Heights to the soil of the Zionist regime, holding international conferences in Bahrain and Europe besides tens of other measures are in fact in line with their efforts to execute their Deal of the Century. The 12th Meeting of the High Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly condemns the so-called Deal of the Century and the assassination of Jihadist Commanders, especially our brother Baha-addin Abu-al-Ata, and calls upon all people, groups, parties, and Islamic streams and governments to bid their all-out support and reach out for the Palestinian Cause until a definitive victory over the usurper, oppressive, child-killer regime is reached.


Over the past 70 years of occupation, Palestinian movements have strived by adopting such approaches as negotiation and resistance to secure their rights to self-determination and an independent Palestine. Throughout lengthy negotiations, the oppressed people of Palestine secured no tangible achievements except breach of promises, relegating privileges, killing opportunities, development of Israeli towns, and the garnering of World Arrogance all-out support for the Quds-occupying regime. In more recent decades, however, the adoption of a Resistance approach which relies of the illuminating Quranic decrees, particularly recourse to the holy verse ‘Resist as ordered, and those who turned (to God) with you,’ has been able to herald great feats in the political, security, and military arenas. In the face of oppression, displacement, forced immigration, destruction of houses, devastation, carnage and the alike, the oppressed nation of Palestine have but to lead a logical and reasonable fight. Sadly, the current international order is an order of oppression and hegemony and the World Arrogance, led by the United States, unreservedly supports the Zionist regime, thus trampling the rights of the great people of Palestine.


As per the experiences, the only solution is resisting and reacting to the bullying of the Zionist regime. Through resistance, and relying on the divine promise of unseen relief, Palestine will, sooner rather than later, be returned to its rightful owners and we will bear witness as the atrocious, oppressive and occupying regime is wiped out.


After consecutive failures in the region as a result of a hardcore approach, the U.S has now shifted towards a soft approach by hatching new plots and conspiracies on a daily basis, thereby interfering with the affairs of the region. After the failure of their New Middle East strategy and policy of proxy wars, their double standard in their encounter with the Takfiri groups, Daesh (ISIL) in particular, has heralded but destruction of infrastructures, destruction of buildings and houses, massacre of thousands of innocent people, displacement, corruption, civil war, insecurity and fratricide. More recently, their pretentious recourse to human rights and democracy has allowed them to interfere with the internal affairs of such states in the region as Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, thus making possible the plundering of their resources. That is why the Meeting of the High Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly condemns US interferential policies and measures and calls upon all Islamic nations and governments to remain vigilant and outsmart and foil the attempts of United States of America as the Great Satan in creating divide, hatching of its conspiracies, and achievement of its objectives


The American-led World Arrogance and international Zionism have plotted and executed numerous schemes in order to dominate over the Muslims and their vital and economic veins. Among the most important plots of the hegemonic powers, one can refer to the promulgation of American Islam which tries to project an unedifying and violent face of Islam. Instigating sectarian, religious, ethnic, tribal, and civil wars, promoting fratricide, destroying the infrastructures of the Muslim world, and undermining the Muslim world in favour of the security of the Zionist regime are but a few examples. Of other strategies of the hegemony, one can refer to the go-ahead given to despotic dictators in the bombardment of the innocent people of Yemen, Gaza, and Syria while abetting them; selling arms and military equipment to dependent states; and letting American and European economies to flee from a deadlock.


Heartfelt, true belief, concentrating on the vital interests of the Muslim world, complete understating and awareness of the depth of objectives of the enemies of Islam, practical proximity between and among Islamic schools of thought, true unity in the face of enemies, participation, development of cooperation, and synergy in all areas will work out the challenges of the Muslim world and neutralize the conspiracies of the imperialists, thus paving the way towards a new Islamic civilization.



After the failure of the World Arrogance and the Zionist regime in their plot of proxy wars and the defeat of Arab reactionaries and Daesh (ISIL) in the region, the U.S. uses their media empire and intelligence and security services now to go ahead, clandestinely and explicitly,  with their new strategy of extremist nationalism, by disturbing public opinion and pitting people against the sovereign and legitimate governments of Iraq, thus making bitter once again the newly-sweetened state of Iraq which has only very recently found salvation from war and bloodshed.


It is now incumbent of the vigilant and Muslim people of Iraq to exercise vigilance and, following the Jurisprudence in Iraq, triumph over these turbulent times of havoc, too - just like their battle with Daesh (ISIL). The people of Iraq are expected to voice their demands through legal ways and means. Meanwhile, the popular government of Iraq shall account for the demands of the people in suffering and plan and commit itself to resolving the economic problems and the sustenance and livelihood of people in the hope that they strike yet another failure from the enemies of Iraq.



Lebanon has been in the forefront of battle against the Zionist regime and the spearhead of defeating the plots of the enemies in the region in the past decades. In the past few months, however, Lebanon has undergone civil unrest as a result of malpractice on the part of some officials in the administration of the affairs of the state. The enemy is on the qui vive for havoc and unrest in this geographically influential and important region of the world so that they might be able to heal the wounds they sustained during the 33-day war and recent consecutive defeats. Hence, the government and the officials as well as the leaders of active political parties in Lebanon should accept their burdensome responsibility in face of the people’s problems and unite in forming a government, sooner rather than later, which will then take solid and effective measures against foreign interference and the regional ambitions of the Zionist regime and Arab reactionaries as well as for supporting the Resistance and addressing the difficulties people are facing.


A government which proclaims itself as the servant of the Safe Divine Sanctuary has been perpetrating the harshest and bloodiest of crimes and genocide in the neighbouring, brotherly, and Muslim country of Yemen for the past 5 years. The Saudi-led Arab Coalition has committed all these crimes in the vast geography of Yemen, and Ansarallah and Resistance of Yemen have stricken miraculously heavy blows to the American-backed enemy. At this juncture of time, it is incumbent upon all Muslims, especially the world leaders, scholars and freedom-seekers, to give of their best of political, social and material instruments and strive in helping the oppressed, innocent, and disaster-afflicted people of Yemen, forcing the retreat of the regime of Saudi Arabia, thus putting an end to an oppressive war, during which Saudi Arabia is blatantly plundering the principles of humanitarian law and has no reservation in decimating the defenseless children and women of Yemen. May this sooth a portion of the suffering this resistant nation has gone through.


Now that the countries of West Asia have gone through the harshest and bloodiest wars of their histories, the region has come to a new era when the unity among all Muslims and authorities is most needed so that in light of sympathy, awareness, and recognition of enemy, we will be able to once again foil the plots of the already failed enemy and try to establish peace and tranquility, maintain human dignity, and build an enlightened, free, and prosperous future for ourselves and the generations after us.


The participants in the Meeting of the High Council of the Islamic Awakening Assembly expressed their gratitude to Iran for hosting the conference as well as for the warm hospitality extended to them. They also appreciated the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei’s elevated and profound insights and support in promoting unity between and among Muslims, anti-despotism, and support for the oppressed people of the world. The participants also expressed their appreciation to the Secretary General of the Islamic Unity Conference for his endeavours, as well as to Maraji, thinkers, elites, and scholars of the Islamic Awakening.


                                                 May peace be upon those who follow the guidance 

                                                                                                                   25 Aban 1398 A.H

                                                                                                                           Tehran, Iran

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