Secretary General of World Islamic Awakening Dr. Velayati: US to fail in cover up ongoing failures

A supplementary and virtual meeting of the Supreme Council of Islamic Awakening with the presence of Dr. Velayati and members of the Supreme Council was held online on Tuesday, October 29, at Tasnim News Agency.

In the meeting Dr. Velayati referred to the role of the Islamic Revolution victory in creating a new discourse called resistance and also in defeating of arrogant plans, including in the imposed war, inhumane sanctions, military coup, direct attack and ... .

He said that the consequences of this discourse were the unity and solidarity of the Muslims of the region and the world, the failure of the American and their allies' plans such as the Greater Middle East, the change of political geography of the region, proxy wars, the defeat of the Zionist regime in a military confrontation with the oppressed Palestinian people. It has been rock to rocket and so on




The Secretary General of the World Islamic Awakening stressed the failure of the Century Deal Plan and the US efforts to cover up the ongoing failures in the region, He added: The Americans and the Zionists, following the failure of this plan, by revealing and normalizing secret and shameful relations, in order to deceive domestic opinion on the eve of elections and in a humiliating plan the regional roles have tried to do another service to the Zionist lobby but the puzzle of betrayal and turning one's back on the Palestinian cause eventually leads to the domino of the fall and flow of the past. Puppet rulers will lead and awakened, free, faithful, justice-seeking and right-seeking consciences throughout history, and especially in this critical historical moment, will stand up to the reactionary rulers with their awakening, insight and vision, and the cry for justice, independence. , Will seek the ideal and liberation of oppressed Palestine

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